Inclusion & Sustainability Information


 Our business is built from the ground up with accessibility in mind. We have designated parking spots for disabled guests and a number of rooms on our ground floor and first floor are dedicated and furnished to cater individuals with mobility concerns. Our first floor is accessible via elevator and communal areas throughout the hotel are designed to ensure ample space is available between furniture and structural features that any size wheelchair or mobility device can pass through. It’s our hope that with these provisions in place we’re able to ensure everyone can enjoy the luxury of the Fleece at Ruleholme.

 To ensure that all of our menus could be enjoyed safely and with confidence, we’ve partnered up with AllergyMenu to provide an automated, accessible and up-to-date menu that customers can tailor to their dietary preferences and requirements.  Customers can find this by visiting or by scanning the QR code found on all of our menus. Paper copies can also be provided on request for customers without smartphones. We also offer delicious speciality menus for vegetarians and vegans, available on our website and social media and on request in our restaurant.

We’re also proud to say we’re an Equal Opportunities employer. We believe strongly in the power of diversity in our workforce and how that reflects in our customers’ comfort and satisfaction. As a premier wedding venue we also cater towards, and actively encourage, LGBTQ+ marriages and civil partnership ceremonies.


Sustainability is at the very heart of The Fleece at Ruleholme.

 We have solar panels installed on our rooftop which are capable of providing self-sufficient energy to all parts of our hotel with the exception of the kitchen. Our building itself is constructed from a reclaimed Oak frame to increase the reusability and sustainability of building materials. Our masonry materials were sourced locally and we make a conscious effort to ensure that our food and drink, and even the toiletries in our bathrooms, are sourced as local as possible to support the local economy and minimise emissions from transit. Our guest bathroom sanitising stations are refillable to reduce single-use plastic consumption. Even our libraries are home to over 10,000 used and end-of-line books.

 We are also working with local agriculture leaders and a neighbouring farmer to raise a herd of cattle exclusive to the Fleece at Ruleholme in a field a mere 50 metres from our kitchens. And, we have tentative plans to install a living roof on top of one of our restaurants, filled with wildflowers and pollinators for bees, butterflies and other insects.

 We encourage and have installed a car-sharing scheme for our staff members and we have plans to purchase a minibus for guest excursions to Carlisle, Gretna, Hadrian’s Wall and the Lake District National Park in an attempt to reduce road traffic from single-family vehicle usage.   

 We’ve even installed and activated electric car charging points in our car park, which are available for use by the general public, to contribute towards the encouragement of the use of more sustainable fuel sources.

We are always seeking ways to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible, and we welcome suggestions from any of our guests or patrons. If you have a suggestion as to how we can improve any aspect of the above please contact us: