the Fleece at Rulehome Presents

Dive into the shadows of an otherworldly era on Saturday, October 28th, where feathers, pearls, and opulence conceal chilling mysteries. Enter into our hauntingly enchanting realm, where the roaring 20’s allure intertwines with the enigma of Halloween!

Unveil your finest attire and choose your path – embrace the Gatsby elegance or infuse your ensemble with a dash of Halloween’s dark charm. This is not an ordinary affair; it’s a plunge into a world where elegance, exhilaration, and eerie allure converge.

Stake your claim now and brace yourself for an eve that fuses the past’s most exquisite notes with the electric thrill of the present!

And remember, a little party never killed nobody!

The evening includes:

£25 per person

Staying with us? Save 20% on room bookings with tickets.

Contact us on or call 01228 832030 for tickets and more information, or fill out the booking form.