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Dog Policy

We understand that not all our guests are dog lovers. As such, we kindly ask you adhere to the following guidelines so that we can continue to welcome our canine companions to the Fleece.

We have a limited number of designated dog friendly rooms. We welcome dogs to join their families in the Lounge or Bar area, but we politely ask you consider other diners in these areas. During the summer months, we also have an outdoor seating area where dogs are more than welcome to join you. Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted in any of the other dining areas.

Please do not leave your dog in your bedroom unaccompanied, unless in a locked dog crate. Any disturbance caused to other guests may be subject to an additional charge. Please refrain from allowing your pets to sit or lie on the furnishings within the bedroom; instead, a pet bed is provided. Please do not use the linens provided in the bathroom; instead, dog towels are provided. A cleaning charge will be added to your account should we find this has not been adhered to.

Should there be any damage within the hotel premises, we will be entitled to recover the cost of repair or replacement of any damaged or loss of revenue.

Whilst enjoying the facilities, we kindly ask that dogs are always kept on a lead when outside of the bedrooms. This is for the safety and comfort of all guests.

If you are staying more than one night, please use you’re make up room sign for Housekeeping only when your room is vacant. Please be aware that your room will not be serviced whilst the dog is in the room.