Murder On The

Disorient Express

Your chance to solve: Murder on the Disorient Express

The Murder on the Orient Express is the most famous mystery ever to be solved by renowned Hercules Pinot. Now, ten years on, Pinot rides the train once more to celebrate his retirement. But when the prolific detective is found shot, stabbed, strangled, beaten and drowned inside his locked compartment, it seems this luxury train is once again destined for mysterious tragedy.

Did all of the passengers play a role in his demise, or did one in the particular have a locomotive for murder?

A whodunit sure to test ‘ze little grey cells’!

Join us on Saturday, May 13th for an evening of suspense, drama and hilarity led by the acclaimed mystery maestros, Highly Suspect. We’ll be welcoming you and your prospective detectives from 7pm and we’ll be fuelling your entire investigation with canapés followed by a delicious, 2-course dining experience.

So… Do you think you can solve the Murder on the Disorient Express?

Tickets are £45 per person.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact:,
or call us on: 01228 832 030.

Our Hadrian Suite tables seat 10 guests, if your party is less than 10 please expect to share a table with another party.